January 02, 2014

on creating memories

Welcome New Year; you have started of so fine. With a lot of dishes though, but I don't mind at all. As it also started with good coffee, with another glass of Champagne and with taking the time for a chat, with reading late at night and with a passion for life. And for love. We couldn't have asked for anything more. This change of years will transform itself into one of the good memories. Thank you.

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  1. You've listed a lot of good things to start the year with, and a lot of my favourite ones, here's to a best year ever yet (just picture me raising a glass of champagne here).

    I'm starting this year with a bit of a dress up on my blog space (still work in progress, but getting there slowly), creating a fresh new look to kick start this fresh new year, hoping to stick around properly this year :)

    1. I am so, so happy, that you're back! happy new year to you, ones again. as we say in german: double helps better!

  2. Hurray for the new year, begun on a positive note here, too, with good coffee, a cozy fire and a good book to read.
    Your perspective is always a lift to my spirits.

    1. hey susan, I am a bit jealous when it comes to your cozy fire. something I miss here in berlin. but you are right, a positive note is what counts. to many more over the upcoming months.

  3. happy new year,
    dearest annton!
    sounds like a fantastic beginning.... what was your menu??? mmmm...

    i have the feeling i will meet you this year. not sure why, but this is my feeling.

    wish you only the best!

    1. oh the menu; oysters for the first time in my life. and I have to admit, I like it.

      I love that feeling of yours, according to meeting me (btw. you were right, we "know" each other longer than 2013). hoping this feeling right ;-)

      hugs from berlin