December 06, 2013

a stormy santa

It is blowing out there. And snowing too. Last night's storm didn't hit Berlin as much, as it hit the Northern parts of the country (I hope you're all safe and sound, my dear friends!), but it most definitely gave you a reminder on the power of nature. In between our daily, extremely routines, we tend to forget that far too often. I believe.

Above that, the real blow to the world, has to be the passing of Mr. Nelson Mandela. Rest in peace. One could see it for a long time coming, still it is such a tremendous loss and it hit me quite hard. Not many men walk that tall. We should never forget and need to work hard on filling this gap. In case this is even possible.

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1 comment:

  1. his passing came as a surprise, but not as a shock. he had a long and fruitful (how cliche) life. and I'm glad to have lived through some of it with him. I do wonder, however, who the next generations will look up to. not a lot of people with that kind of stamina and lasting integrity around anymore...