November 03, 2013

things happening while sleeping too little

"hanging" by thomas christian bräuhäuser

It is becoming some kind of a standard, me telling you, how extremely busy things are around the Fishbowl. Annoyingly often. And that coming from me, someone who actually dislikes people telling me this about their days far too often. When it feels, like the needle is constantly returning to the start of the song, shouldn't we do something against it? Everytime I will type in BUSY here, how filled-up our schedules are, I mean it, but I also feel a bit guilty too. And then, another event occurs and things get even more busy. We will promise ourselves to drasticly change our routines and on the other hand, have to admit, we also like having late night conferences, dinner with friends, ideas spinning in the kitchen and a lot of work too. So, we simply hang in there and make sure, we will at least get more sleep.

P.S. Emma wasn't forced at all to hang on that stump. It was part of a Catch-the-stick-Session and what can we do, she is such a clown.

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