November 06, 2013

not always a pretty picture

This isn't the most pretty Blogpost, in fact it is a furios one. I am really, really angry and though I would rather tell some sunny stories or some inspiring ones, this isn't one of these. Berliners, what is wrong with you? Seriously, when people get a disability parking spot, it is because they need it. This is not about being too lazy to walk or to make myself more important than others, this is about you being ignorant. My parking spot in front of the Fishbowl (I have been talking about this earlier) is constantly blocked. Whenever I will leave it, to run an errand or whatever drive I need to go on, I will come back, finding someone else's car parking on the space. Be it during the day or in the middle of the night. Evertime this happens, the first problem is to get out of my own car, because leaving it with crutches, while standing in second line, is dangerous as hell. Next thing to do, is to call the police and afterwards, to wait for them to show up. As Berlin is a very busy city, with a lot of drama going on, this can take a couple of hours. Especially delightful when at one o'clock at night and when knowing, I will have to get up early the next morning. The police will check the owners of the blocking vehicle and if they cannot reach them, this means another hour of waiting on the street. For the tow-away-truck. Only when these guys have finished their job, I will be able to climb in my car again and park it properly. I am asking myself constantly, though sadly I might already know the answer, don't people understand what they cause with their ingnorqance? Do they simply not care? It is not possible for me, to simply take some other spot. Or to carry my canvasses down the street. Because of all the waiting, I even have to cancel appointments. Within one year, I had to tow away 72 cars. Sometimes even two during one day. And though I am trying hard to ignore this, it is starting to get to me. Sunday night, I already had a dream about it and a fair share of crying has been involved too. And screaming. As much as I am trying to not take it personal, what will stay in the end, is me on the sidewalk, not being disabled by some condition, but by others. By People who seeme to don't give a s***. And then, then it is personal. If you want to use my parking spot, just try walking around with my crutches. For one day only.

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  1. This is just so bad, I can't believe it: 72 cars in one year? When my mother got ill she became a card so she could park the car on those spots. We only had two problems in one year...but that was bad enough, of course this is no big city :/ My hart goes out to you and I hope you feel a bit better this morning. If I were you I would spray-paint it during the night. But in a way no-one would recognize you or your friends. So they can't proof that you did it. Something must happen!

  2. oh, the spray paint idea is wonderful, celine. if I wouldn't be so clumsy, hehe. they would catch me in a minute. thank you so much for your words. they do mean a lot!