October 12, 2013

saturday silence

I cannot recall to have spoken so little in a long while, as during this Saturday. The husband is working somewhere in the countryside and will be back tomorrow, while I am trying to cure the next virus attack. A souvenir from our spontaneous trip back home. Half of my family fought it already. This is getting really annoying, being sick for the third time in a couple of months. I had some serious dicussions with my immune system earlier, but for now it won and I am back on the couch; all tea, pills and tons of nasal spray. And except from the pouring rain and an impressive thunderstorm outside, everything around me is silent. It feels like there is so much to think about, to be looked at carefully, that this silence simply is the perfect setting. Sometimes in life, maybe a little more often in Fishbowl speed, we will ask ourselves if we are, where we want to be. And this is meant absolutely literally. We, in the Fishbowl, have both felt a little uneasy or rather unsettled lately. Actually with the year having started, this motion kind of kicked in. It has been five years, since we've moved into this place and as much as we love it, it was never meant for such a long time. Maybe it is our traveling hearts or the longing for the landscapes, we have left behind, but we are seriously thinking of new adventures. Though there is still no plan or, not even some proper directions, as those change like the weather, something is brewing here. I don't know about the outcome, but I am scared and happily excited at the same time. Maybe, in the end, things stay the same, but then it would be a consciously made decision. Or, we will spread our wings and fly to another place. This way or the other, over the years I have understood, as much as we change and as places change, our needs do too. And they will make times like this inevitable. At least for me. How about you? Do you know about this desire and the need for change.

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  1. oh, yes, I know about it. I'd say, get it out of your system. you gotta try. you can always come back if things aren't what you expected them to be. xxx

    1. yes, you are right. though our luggage might be a bit bigger, it will be worth it always has been. xx