October 07, 2013

queen of colors

A Queen of Colors like a painting of this season; rich, brown and a lot of soft light. Plus the aroma of traveling, which I have missed so much. This is not a far away journey, rather something right into my own past. Usually, it is good to go forward, but then again, there are moments, when we need to go backwards. To understand where we come from. And to learn, how we got to the point we're at now. Because it is so easy to forget about all those changes and the growing we have done. And it is even easier to neglect what we once wanted. Something I have found out only today, I actually didn't neglect anything at all. It is all here and it is all perfect. I will roll a little bit more with that car of mine and tell you, what else I have found along the way. Sending you greetings from the road.

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  1. you make me love autumn even more, sublime.

    1. thank you. colorwhise it is my absolute favourite season.