October 10, 2013

four days, a little past & even more future

Last Sunday we got up before sunrise and drove all the way down to my mother's place. I hadn't been there for a long time and as it was her birthday, so we've decided to pack our stuff and to jump on the car. A little unfortunate, the trip was nasty. In fact, super nasty. It was pouring down all the way and the highway was extremely crowded, plus one construction site followed another; in the end we drove nine hours instead of five and the moment we did arrive, the birthdays party was almost over. Still, it was all worth it. Though not for long, we've met all of my aunts and uncles, I was able to hug my grandmother, followed by conversations with my mother, only a cup of coffee, but no telephone line between us. We took long walks with the Emma, who like us, loved the amazing landscape of the Taunus. For other reasons than we did, of course. I always tend to forget how beautiful this part of Germany is. And as the extra icing on the cake, my brother came to visit as well. We've thought that we'll miss him by a couple of hours, which made me a bit sad, as we live in different countries these days, but in the end it worked out and we've spent a complete night talking. What a pleasure this has been, as I have missed him so much. Let me tell you, my brother is a seriously cool guy. And though I am not the cheesy family person, sometimes it is just the best thing to meet that bunch of people, you have known for the longest of times and who know you, probably much better than any other person in the world. And as I strongly believe, that we choose who will surround us, this is to families; wherever they're from and however they'll look like.

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  1. sounds like you had a great time :)

    1. good and well, family stuff, but it was great we did it!