October 30, 2013

ambitions & other little bumps

You won't be able to know from the pictures, how tricky work and studio hours currently are. Maybe it is, because this project is especially close to my heart. It couldn't be any different of course, with so many eyes, mouths and ears on me. And all mine. Looking yourself straight in the face all the time, is a bit weird. A little too much on the self-conscious side. Above, I really, really want this to turn out great, because it could be. Do you know this kind of feeling, when you paint or draw something and you kind of sense, this could be work that is spot on. Better than the stuff you've done last week maybe. At least me, I tend to duck and to get super impatient, which is not good, when it comes to holding a steady brush. I start looking everywhere else, but on the paper before me. Sometimes I even flee, because it is just too overwhelming. And scary enough, the only way to get through this, is to keep on going. No matter what. This time, it took me almost three days to get those old nerves calm and me concentrated. Hoping for tomorrow to be an even more productive day and that I'll manage to ride some kind of flow, because actually I am having fun.

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  1. I've read an interesting article the other day. it was about writers, but I wonder if it's applicable to arts in general. something about not talking about your plans until they are well underway. does that sometimes happen to you? you have an idea, share it excitedly with someone, and it goes downhill from there? not sure what prompted me asking you this, by the way :)

    1. I don't know where this came from either, hehe, but I like it. yes, it does happen to me and I am very careful in what I am telling and what I will keep as a secret. on the other hand, it'll sometimes help to get out there and discipline myself, by talking about my plans and projects.