September 07, 2013

september calendar

"september" drawing by annton beate schmidt

Holy Canneloni, almost a week too late, but finally here it comes, the fresh and only just finished September Page. I am so, so sorry lovely readers, but I've totally underestimated this flue, this virus, whatever it was, that kept me hostage for five days. It is still warm and sunny out there and I have spent this week almost entirely on the couch; sleeping, reading, watching movies, sleeping. I am so so sick of being sick, you have no idea. So, instead of giving it even more space, here is the calendar, for you to download and to print out. I hope you'll like it and wish you the most wonderful weekend. Enjoy that in-between-moment of seasons, as much as possible. I love it. Pushing this old grumpy girl out there. Right now.

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  1. Ach Annton,

    die Hauptsache ist doch, das es Dir jetzt endlich bald wieder besser geht!
    Gute Besserung wünscht Dir Ria

    1. slowly I am getting there. vielen dank, liebe ria!