September 29, 2013

queen of colors

No way, I could possibly choose a single color for this week. No main theme, except from the fact that the palette had been definitely infused by the season; a lot of yellows, reds and browns. But then again, everything has been completely different too. As you might already know, I did finish a wall painting this week. And we went through a good amount of dog training hours in the Fishbowl. For the first time, it feels like we're getting somewhere close to Emma's exam. Then there was extensive cleaning and clearing around the place and with that, I could clear of my head a little too. And in the end, we had our first studio dinner after the Summer Break. So it is probably no wonder, I kind of have the impression, this have been actually two weeks pressed into one. And it is, of course, inevitable that the rest of this Sunday will be spend in a rather tradional way; on the couch, doing little. I wish you a good dose of chilling too and a sunny start into the new week.

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  1. One day I would love to stop by your studio, play with paint and colours, play with that gorgeous dog and indulge in some of that delicious food.

  2. oh, good luck. I'm sure Emma is going to do great. keep me posted!!!