September 21, 2013

berlin art week and a special kind of up

postcard "thylacine" by joseph mcglennon

I have seen lots and lots of other people's art lately. Some medicro stuff, some I would rather forget instantly, and some, I was definitely blown away by. We're in the middle of Berlin Art Week, and though I usually hestitate to jump on the band wagon, and don't believe in all the screaming and all the hype about the fairs, this time I took my chance to extensively dive into it. It might take a little while to get over this visual overdose, to digest all the impressions, the conversations I had and the people I've met, but so far, the Preview has been my personal highlight. It is rather about fresh talents and emerging artists, than the big shots, which brings some really new perspectives and impressions. So, if you happen to be in Berlin, you can still go tomorrow and catch a glimpse (They do have the most amazing and biggest elevator, I have seen so far. Do not miss to ride it. Highly, highly recommended. It will make you smile!). For me, it is watching television on the couch, a glass of red wine and pasta. Enjoy your Saturday night, dears.

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1 comment:

  1. I wish I could visit it... Sometimes the overdosis is a bit much as you say and mostly I hope to see something that gives me inspiration. Have a good sunday!!!