September 18, 2013

apparently not

It is dark already; I can hear the rain and old tunes playing on my computer. In between, I even find myself singing along. Memories mixed with a very heavy scent, coming from a giant bunch of Lillies. Sitting beside the office desk. The rest is quiet. I am in love with moments like this. Probably one of the benefits coming with Fall. And actually, there is no need to spoil this, by trying to explain.

"Hey, stop talking, think I can hear the sea. And did I tell you the sound of the surf makes strange things happen to me. And I don't mind if you want to crash the car."
(Lyrics of "Here and Now" by Del Amitri).

I wish you a wonderful night. For now.

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  1. Oh I love these moments...and I love the fall anyway. Those quiet moments when everything seems perfect for a moment.
    And every time I'm just blown away by your pictures! You do so well with describing moments and feelings in your photo's. First I think that they are good and then I read your words and they become perfect every time!

    1. thank you so much, for your nice words, Celine!

  2. Danke, das Du diesen Moment mit uns geteilt hast!

  3. enjoyed the feel of this post. :)