August 26, 2013

queen of colors

This week's Queen of Colors pretty much reflects all the adventures happening over the last days. Nothing much, so to say. Everything had been mostly about sleep, about movies and about food, which is quite normal, when we have to spend a couple of days on the couch, being sick. I still did manage to go on with another point on the bucket list; the husband brought some Kumpir home. Turkish baked potatoes with various delicious fillings, which I have been dying to try, for so many months. And, it was some kind of an epiphany. All cheesy, with olives, salad, with spicy Couscous and Sour Creme. Kumpir will be definitely on our fast food list from now on. By the end of the week, I felt a lot better, and even managed to attend a birthday brunch, which of course, has been all about great food again. So, still stuffed but almost back to my usual me, I wish you a good start into this week. Bom apetite.

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  1. Hm, "hört" sich fantastisch an und sieht so lecker aus. Ich liebe Couscous...

    1. es war auch fantastisch. vor allem die auberginen quiche hat mich gewonnen!

  2. Replies
    1. fair enough ;) that is exactly what is happening to me with your pics lately. a lot.