August 01, 2013

back right here

"Remembering your self" sounds a bit too common maybe; like one of these life coaching programs out there. But sometimes, it seems we run out of stones and pebbles for our very own path. Last week had given me plenty of those, and while painful in the beginning, I am seriously starting to like the sound of them, under my feet. We're still officially in the middle of our Summer Break around the Fishbowl, but I am in the studio, busy being me. And laughing. Well no, it is rather smiling.

See you later, for the August Calendar Page.

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  1. sounds fab. busy being yourself is always good :)

    1. jupp, and super necessary these days! xx

  2. God I miss you all, you, mr thomas & emma.

    Love from south

  3. Hallo Annton,

    ich mag diesen Post, sehr so gar und die Bilder sind so schön. Sie passen gut zu meiner Stimmung im Moment. Eine lächelnde Annton, tolle Hände voll Kreide(?) und natürlich wieder ein wundervolles Kalenderblatt. Auch dafür DANKE!
    Lieben Gruß von Ria