July 14, 2013

queen of colors

My biggest wish for next week, that it might continue like this one; busy, exciting and alive. I am tired today and at the same time, full off energy. A great combination, that makes me feel comfortable in moving forward. Though, while typing this, it is actually not about the forward at all. It is the moving itself. I was able to make some decisions over the last days and did find answers to some tricky questions. For example, there will be a little joint venture between the Fishbowl and a shop in the neighborhood. More on that coming soon. Only so much, it made me smile. Sometimes it seems, we simply have to be brave and out there. The only thing, I simply couldn't decide lately; if  I am more into strawberries or cherries. Isn't it great, that some questions don't have to be answered? Have an inspiring week, guys. And get as much of those summer fruits as possible.

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  1. happy reading here.
    tricky question indeed
    i would say that if i am in sweden, i would be more into strawberries,
    they taste different here!
    and in israel, i might choose the cherries! also cause they are less sprayed.

    and how about some wild raspberries...blueberries...rhubarber...


  2. stop, stop, you're making me berry dizzie ;) don't you just love this time of the year, when the nicest things are just out there. in our gardens. or in the icecream shop... enjoy sweden and your loved ones.