June 09, 2013

queen of colors

The rain has come back, but in fact, it is a good summery one. The week had so much sun and delight; I am tired and happy now, sitting in the Fishbowl and feeling like, there couldn't have been one more single thing to fit into seven days. I had some very good chats around the hood. Sitting on our bench, in front of the studio, is just the loveliest part of summer in Berlin. I must admit. There has been new work on the easel, plus I was busy, designing fresh business cards and planning the Open Studio day, coming up next Sunday. As usual, we had some heated up discussions around here, which this time, resolved into inspiring ones. You know, the kind of arguments, that'll leave you with the pleasure of moving forward. There was this marvelous book, I just started reading last night and which I couldn't put aside, until the sun came up. And then, the week melted into a chilled out picnic in the parc, with friends and with a little bit of a revolutionary theme, which I will write about over the next days. The couch is calling now, together with the husband, a beer and a bag of potato chips. Could there be a better ending or a more delightful perspective for the upcoming week? Have a relaxed and lovely Sunday night too.


  1. love that, when you can't put the book away and ending the night with beer and crisps!
    sounds lovely, busy you!


    1. yeah, me too. it simply was a very good weekend! hugs back