June 17, 2013

queen of colors

A day late, as we had our Open Studio yesterday, and a bit undecided on the actual Queen of Colors. Was it mainly vivid, sunny and pink, or do the rather dark, red moments count more? I am not sure right now. The week had so many different aspects, so much has happened and on the other side, there was so little time to think about it, that it will probably take a bit longer for me to sort this out. I have many pictures and two posts already sitting in a file, waiting to be given to you, but today it feels somehow premature to publish them. I'll wait a little. A typical after-the-show-attitude for me. I need to digest everything first, before being able to talk about it. Be it good or bad, it takes time. At least for me.

Above, there is all that is happening in Turkey, which leaves me angry, sad and as we have friends and colleagues directly and drastically affected by it, most of all helpless. Last Sunday we had taken part in a solidarity event, which from today's perpective appears almost ridiculous. According to the latest pictures and videos coming from Istanbul and Ankara. I know, the world is a tricky place and there is a lot of drama out there, but sometimes the tuff stuff simply comes a bit closer than usual. I just hope things do not turn even worse and that all this, is good for something in the end. To all those who are marching and fighting for democracy, keep on going, but stay safe. You guys have a our back.

P.S. A tiny note on the side, no it is not my car. This one caught my eye, as it was parking long enough to grow little plants around the wheels. Not quite typical in the middle of Berlin, I guess. 


  1. sorry to hear that there's a personal element for you with the turkey troubles.

    i totally understand about needing to process events before throwing them out there. unfortunately, i tend to process through talking! :)

  2. yeah, the world gets smaller with us meandering the virtual world and traveling to live in distant places. friends and beloved ones root all over the world right now. and berlin having a huge turkish community makes it inevitable, to not know someone being involved in the protests.

    yeah, usually I process through talking, but lately I have found out, maybe there is a complete different side of myself ;)