June 02, 2013

queen of colors

Almost green, with pinches of delicious red, May has ended like it had begun. What a week this has been. I have finally finished the Grumpy Man painting, a calendar page was done, I had coffee with friends, answered all those emails, that have been lingering around my inbox, for so long. And finally, after a lot of changing perspectives and considerations, I've decided on some significant changes around the studio. So, the best part of yesterday, went with pushing furnitures & hanging more pieces of my work on the walls. The last being relatively unusual for me, as until now, I had always thought, to be irritated by my own paintings. So far, it doesn't feel that bad. Especially having Grumpy Man, who as you all mentioned, doesn't look grumpy at all, watching me, is more comforting than I would have ever expected. We will see how this grows on me, over the next weeks.

And then, there had been a lot of rain and storm, which brings me to a more serious aspect of this week. Something my pictures are no references to at all, but still, the demonstrations happening in Turkey, over the last days, do worry and impress me. At the same time. The moment people you know are involved, watching the news become a whole different story. Distance and that ever so hip sarcasm, seem to melt within no time. Instead there is a lot of empathy and some pride. Friends, keep on going. Stand up for your democratic rights. But still, please take care. We love you.

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