June 12, 2013

open studio

Things are a bit busy in the Fishbowl, actually rather very busy. Once again. We're in the middle of preparing the OPEN STUDIO, coming up Sunday. Since Monday, both of us, carry around a nasty cold, including some very persistent cough, accomplishing all those lists and schedules is a bit more tricky than usual. Without being sick. But as the annual Neuk├Âlln Art Festival is taking place and we are in town, plus it is always so much fun to welcome all our lovely supporters, friends and clients, we've spontantiously decided to go for it and have our doors wide open for a couple of hours. So, besides brewing tons of tea and sleeping in (and trying not to get nervous over it!), we are preparing prints, business cards and flyer. Are cleaninig and arranging the studio in a nice way. On top, because so many of you have asked for it, there is also a new round of the Integrity Potion bottled up, waiting for lots of guests to be shared with. If you happen to be around Berlin over the weekend, you are most welcome to pop in and say "Hi". It would be so nice to meet you!

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