May 10, 2013

special offer from the tiny fishbowl collection

welcome back and other homes
This week, ones more, is all about Spring and about new things. See what is happening around the Fishbowl and have a look for the sparkling fresh prints in the shop.

only seconds to go
 From now on, there are T-Shirts, Hoodies & Tote Bags too.
grassroots development
Even better, until Sunday shipping from The Tiny Fishbowl Collection is all free. No matter which pretty corner you're  calling home, free shipping is worldwide. So, if you like the way I see this world through our shopping windows, jump over there and have a look.

Thank you! 


  1. these prints are great, I really like the words you addded, they make me feel good! And I just think you make beautiful pictures, I think that every time I stop by!

  2. These are great. Reminds me to put some work into my shop as well :)