May 01, 2013

labour day mood

Tag der Arbeit (Labour Day) in Germany, and I am enjoying deliciously slow studio hours. What a pleasure this is. Usually this day means a bit of turmoil and a dose of revolution for Berlin, but so far things are quiet in front of our windows. There is sun, a lot of fresh green and lighthearted people are passing by, most on their way to the parc probably. On a side note, since yesterday, our dog owns a sofa on its own. Well, I found it on the internet and the yellow color caught my eye. And it was for free (yeah, lately we had a lot of luck on this side), so the husband picked it up. Unfortunately it didn't match our needs and we decided to give it away instantly. An idea that didn't go along with Emma. She jumped on the sofa within the first second and stayed there for the rest of the evening. As she made thing so clear, the yellow beast will stay. In the studio. Beside my painting table. I'm too super fine with this, as I had always wanted a sofa in the studio anyway. So, this to a great Wednesday and to spontanous decisions.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you make it through the rest of labour day. doesn't it always get quite nasty in parts of Berlin?

    oh, and I love the sofa :)