May 03, 2013

hidden behind brushes

image by annton beate schmidt
Sometimes things are not how they look like, sometimes they are even different to what they're called. Or the other way round. We're busy in the Fishbowl. Very busy actually. And though the progress might come around in babysteps, it feels pretty good to see it. Besides that, there is not an awful lot say. I just wanted to let you know, that I am good and that I am out and about. A lot. Looking for things, I didn't know I was searching for. Hiding behind brushes can be a nice thing these days. Have a wonderful weekend, guys, and do not forget about the sun.


  1. i often live that way, hidden behind brushes.... great observation point. ;)

  2. indeed...
    out and about, enjoy the spring in berlin, i would! and i do, here!
    i feel the change of season is right on time. i guess that's how it is...
    it brings the urge to change, to get out,
    for me perhaps to stop hiding behind my brushes, not sure?

    and dancing and drinking champagne sounds like a wonderful idea.