April 01, 2013

april calendar

A new month needs a sparkling new calendar page. This is my little, monthly present for you, dear readers. Another drawing for you to download and to print out. Simply click on the link for the april page and choose a size. I strongly hope, that the green and the red will tickle that sleepy Spring and finally kick the old Winter out. If it doesn't, well, a little smile on your face will make up for a good starter too.


  1. oh, love the words that come with it :) thank you xx

  2. this sentence is spot on for me right now,
    i feel like i want to dance again,
    and since dance has been my profession, sometimes i simply do not desire doing it anymore.
    but the music has changed and now i want to dance!
    very pretty your calendar!

  3. I LOVE this calendar! The words are so fitting. See you around in the styling class!

  4. thank you so much, guys.

    @sarapirat that is the thing with professions, we cannot live with or without them. and maybe it isa good things, life "forces" us to balance. but these days, the music has really changed, so dance with me ;) hugs from berlin

    @Sarah Stacey oh, this makes me smile. thank you! ok, I am off, styling my sofa...