April 10, 2013

all styled up

As I have promised on Sunday, here are a few sneaks around the online class, I am taking part in right now. Having always kind of struggled when trying to shoot proper interior pictures from the Fishbowl, things never really turned out the way I've intended them to, I was really excited when I've found Interior Styling: The Fundamentals to Styling Your Space like a Pro on SKILLSHARE. The course is held by Justina Blakeney and as I knew this woman rocks, plus her style is something I can totally relate to, I've enrolled within a second. And what can I say, it had been the right choice. This course is so much fun (and a bit of work too!). Over the last days I've been pushing things around all over the place, I rediscovered stuff from boxes and drawers, I had long forgotten about, I've tried out all the tips and tricks around perspectives, angles and I've played with colors and structures. These are some of the first results and though I am still continents away from actually being a Pro, I do like all these changes. Next stop, designwise, will be the bedroom.


  1. looks great :) I love all your flowers. might need to go and get some myself!

  2. I'm glad you're taking that course, it looks great! and the past part is that we get to see it;-)