March 23, 2013

to the good stuff

Saturday morning and we're already in the middle of preparations for tonight's Studio Dinner. There are speckled trouts filled with herbs in the Fishbowl kitchen, beetroot sorbet awaits us in the freezer and the studio, ones again, is filled with spring flowers. Another make believe, I know, but it seems to help a little, as there is sun too. It is still freaking cold, but today I'll go with the small wonders. Before I am setting the table, I will have another cup of coffee and catch a tiny bit of all that light outside on the bench. I wish you an inspiring day and a bright weekend too. Watch out of the little things.


  1. beetroot sorbet sounds like something i would love to taste!
    spring is still far away huh?
    i am sure it will just turn around and leave, sooner than expected, all of a sudden mr.winter, to leave room for miss.spring in all her glory!

    i am trying to get inspiration myself about a desert for tonight's happy dinner.
    enjoy! tulips! mmmmm...

  2. @ saraspirat the beetroot sorbet (actually it was more a granité) was just the best I have tasted in a long time. and it is the easiest thing to do. you simply boil beetroot with sugar and lemon juice, until the roots are soft. then run through a sieve, add more lemon juice and a little rose water. put in freezer and scratch with a fork, every couple of hours. to make the ice cristalls smaller. that is it. can be eaten directly or you can drink it in a glass of champagne. to spring and to the good life! xxx

  3. mmmmmmmm
    sounds delicious,
    gotta try that!