March 17, 2013

queen of colors

Seven days filled up with everything,  and I mean everything. The Fishbowl has been buzzing. There was a not so glittery anniversary, some socially bulldogs showed up, running through this place like in a manic stampede, and there still was a lot of work. But then came extensive sleep. Twelve hours at a strecht. This quite obviously has been the game changer. Together with a superhero moving in, a marvelous Spiderman Cake. We've celebrated chilled out cooking sessions, dinner in front of the television included, there have been friends over, we've been talking all night and laughing a lot. There was chocolate and red wine, we had homemade pastry and some more chocolate. In the end, we didn't even care about the weather anymore. Who does seriously think about the cold, when life is good. This week's Queen of Colors is far too rich to decide for one shade only. The week has been blue and green, it was yellow and it included a lot of red and pink as well. This week has been vivid and I cannot thank everybody enough, who has been part of it and who made me feel very special. Taking all this bright into the next week and sharing it with you. Too a wonderful new one.


  1. happy monday to you, too :)

  2. Looks like spring has sprung in your home! So beautiful!
    Autumn is about to start here in Sydney, the nights and mornings feel fresh and some leaves are turning their colours. Have a great week!

  3. @petra as I am answerinf late: happy thursday! :))

    @liv yeah, it did. at least inside the studio. the outside will follow soon, I hope (another 15cm of fresh snow last night) you will love the southern fall. it is smooth and very, very colorful xxx