March 10, 2013

queen of colors

This week's Queen of Colors is more of a make believe, than anything else. As the snow is back in Berlin, with all the heavy, cold white and with grey skies. When we were almost there, tasting the first bites of spring, this is a bit hard to take, don't you think. While, on the other hand, my grandmother told me today:"Kid, what do you expect. It is the middle of March. Still winter." Well, she is right, I know, but still I don't want that. Do you? So with this orange collection, I hope that I can do the magic. Saying is believing they say, and maybe, showing is even more. To a bright and a colorful week.


  1. same here. it's freezing cold and snowing. i did not consent to this!!!


  2. dear annton...
    winter is back huh? here we suddenly got summer, around 30 degrees at once, body shocked, plants about a month ahead of last year.
    it will probably get colder again.
    reading your post under about time, partnership,
    it is a true challenge, relationships, and how to manage them.
    phu! never ending challenge..


  3. @petra me neither ;) be assured of this!

    @sarapirat it is that challenge and though sometimes with a secret suitcase in my head, in the end, I have always returned to wanting exactly that challenge. we learn on our way, aren't we.

    a big hug from alpin berlin ;)