March 03, 2013

queen of colors

Two drowned keyboards, plus a night fixing a computer problem and a bit of tension around the Fishbowl, but also exciting, new work, nasty paperwork being finally done and a wonderful present from Kathmandu; in the end everything was all about blue skies. This week's Queen of Colors looks like the overture to Spring and to all that comes with it. And as one should never talk about promises, I am simply taking it in, enjoying a lazy, a babyblue Sunday. I am wishing you the same and so much more. Life within blues turns out to be so delicious.


  1. you're a lucky girl! over here it's still all about grey.... have a nice sunnday evening!

  2. same here, blue skies, lazy sundays, promising mondays, early starts into tuesdays :)xxo

  3. blue skies are calling!
    makes me think of that song with...what are they called again?
    ah, noah and the whale!

    enjoy dear!

  4. oh girls, if only the blue skies had stayed. back to snow and ice it is. but we know, time is working for us in this case ;) have a wonderful week, no matter the weather xx