March 01, 2013

march calendar page

Are you in the mood for a little present? Actually, this was about to start in January, but sometimes things take a little longer than expected. You know.

Fom now on, there will be a sparkling fresh calendar page each and every month. Made by me for you. You simply have to click on the calendar link, which in fact, leads to my Flickr site, and there you'll have it. Waiting for you, ready to be printed out and to find a place above your desk or in the kitchen maybe. This is my way to say thank you. Thank you, for all the support and the inspiration you have shared with me since The Tiny Fishbowl Collection came to life. I hope you like it as much, as I had fun creating it.


  1. Wonderful idea, I like the words you wrote by this drawing. I really nice of you to offer this to your readers. I hope you do show us the rest of the months you design! (I'm thinking of a simular idea for the drawings on my food-blog) Wish you a nice weekend!

  2. great idea :) looking forward to a lot more :)