March 27, 2013

another full moon serenade

It is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I am a moon person. Half devoted to the brain and to logic, and then again, very emotionally driven on the other side. I am always kind of torn between realism and a good dose of spirituality. Over the years, I have learned quite well, to deal with those antipodes in my head. I guess it is much harder on my surroundings to get along with this, than it is actually for myself. When it comes to full moon situations though, this is a point I have totally given up on any kind of scientific explanation. Wether I know about the fact, that there is a full moon hanging in the sky, or I don't, I will not sleep. Usually, a sucker for sleep, I simply will not get to that certain moment of rest. No matter what. So, instead of forcing myself to sleep and ending up totally worn out in the morning, full moon nights have become my secret playground. When there is no sleep, why not enjoy reading for hours, or sitting in the dark and listening to my favourite music, while the rest of the Fishbowl is snoring. I do watch the most cheesy girl movies or read inspirational books. Being self employed means, it is possible to manage a tiny midnight holiday and get enough sleep in the morning then. Since I have decided to give into the rhythm of the moon, those nights have become very precious. So for today, it is to the moon and to taking things as they come.

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  1. Same here... but I'm still forcing myself to sleep...not very smart, but with all the things in my mind what I want to do the next day, I still want to sleep, which of course is not going to happen. I think I'm going to try your way, and see it the way you do: a secret playground. That's sounds just wonderful!