March 01, 2013

and there she was

I have been complaining so much over February, that I am actually a bit sorry for this poor month, to be whined at all the time and for being blamed on every single misery around here. But then again, you made it pretty hard, February. Seriously. Now you're gone and maybe, one day I will understand the reason behind all those challenges. You're gone February, goodbye, and March is here. Welcoming Berlin with the first sunny day, as it feels like, in ages. What a difference a day makes. I am looking forward to more of it. Looking forward to many sunny March days. A woman can dream, right?!


  1. yeah, same here. I'm all excited about March. let it be a good one xxo

  2. Berlin is such a beauty. I hope we get back there some day! Hope your week is bright :)