March 28, 2013

an old affair

For the ones who have been with the Fishbowl Collection for a little longer, you might recognize this face quite well. Me and that Maori guy have something going on for a while already. Actually, it has been more than a year so far. From being utterly euphoric and moving forward together for some time, then we get stuck, can't stand each other any more and the nasty result will be, we'll seperate. I have sworn a million times, that I will never get back to him. He had bitched at me, screamed out silently, to bloody get out of there, when I did nothing else, but entering the studio. Well, they say, passion is for lovers. I have no idea what we have here. But today, I've decided something good must be in this relatioship, so much energy spent alread, and I took out the canvas and put it back on the easel. We have spent five hours together and for now, it has been nothing else but peaches and cream. We will see, how this is going envolve and if we, at least, can bring this affair to a proper ending. And on top, he is far too handsome to be dropped without trying, maybe one more time. Before I'll get totally lost in this little "drama", if you like to learn more about all the little and the steps in the middle, I would love to welcome you at Atelier Schmidt. Have a nice night, dears.


  1. Why does this happen with some work, I never understood. There you are, with this amazing and lovely idea that you just can't wait to put down on drawing paper/canvas/whatever...and it all starts out so well, you're in the flow and then...and look at it and you think "Nah, it's just not right. I don't know why and what it is, but it's just not happening right, arghhhh." At times like these I found it's best to just walk away and do something else and get back to it when you fell, and just know, that you can have your way with it again. Have fun with this, looking forward to seeing what happens to this face :)

  2. @Veronika well, I cannot really tell, but probably it comes close to the writer's experience of characters developing their own kind a pace and will. I did walk away many times from this painting and it's strong energy, but then I've remembered the good start and couldn't resist to return. something tells me, I need to finish it, for unkown reasons yet.