February 02, 2013

the magic potion of words

Katharina Thiel
Iris Boss
Matthias Scheliga
Axel Hartwig
Kreuzberg liest.
Last night I had the great pleasure of being a guest at the five year anniversary of Kreuzberg liest, one of the very precious pearls, that Berlin's nightlife has to offer. Starting off as a red wine infused idea of some serious literature lovers, this event has grown into an important force, when it comes to the written word. Very talented actors are reading (in German) from books and texts, they are passionate about. Be it a novel by Serge Gainsbourg, an interpretation of Loriot or a collection on love and porn; the fact, that the words being read, mean something to each and every single one of the actors, makes this Literary Salon a very special one. So if you're into this kind of stuff, check out their website or like them on Facebook, to make sure you're not missing out on some very special events. By the way, the best side effect about Kreuzberg liest, you'll go home with absolute inspiring recommendations, into what books, you definitely need to have a closer look.

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