February 06, 2013

out of hands & back

There has to be something in the water, or the stars have gotten a bit of a blow; whatever the cause, this week has been crazy so far. The days seem to run through my fingers like nothing, while I am trying hard to stay on top of all the little disasters, being thrown at the Fishbowl. Misunderstandings followed by nasty letters, or tons of paperwork and accounting stuff, made even harder by a striking printer, everything takes tripple the time, I have thought it would. There are lightbulps in the studio constantly bursting, yesterday it was three in a row, and it seems, I drop most of the stuff I am getting my hands on. You know what I am talking about, no real drama, but annoying bits and pieces tearing your routine apart. Leaving you with a taste of discontent. Though this is only Wednesday, I feel kind of exhausted and in good need of a complete day slept through. Well, it is not going to happen and to be honest, it was a bit of predictable stress. It was clearly coming, by Sunday already. So, I have decided to take things as they come, spent as many moments as possible taking a break, going for a walk, and listening a bit longer to Ray LaMontagne. The Hippie in me, is happier already.

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