February 22, 2013

no landscape comes spotless

"no landscape comes spotless" by annton beate schmidt
This morning, when entering the kitchen and putting the kettle on, suddenly there was this spider. A well sized, junky thing, hanging right above my head. Swinging happily from the kitchen ceiling. For three little seconds my thought was:" Nah, what an ugly way to start the day." But then I've remembered an old German saying "A spider in the morning, scares away all sorrows and cares." So instead of throwing the little one out of the window; I friendly greeted her and went on with my coffee brewing. There will always be that unexpected spider, I guess. Something will be difficult or not running smooth, but maybe, it'll be a less big deal in the end. Probably most of the time, it will be like that. Not a sparkling new insight, of course, still it was good to be reminded. I will go on, hanging in there and swing a little to it. Tomorrow will be another Studio Dinner, fully book, so I am really looking forward to this weekend. Have an inspiring one too, dear ones.


  1. I think you wrote it beautiful and even not a big inside: you changed your reaction and that is the important thing! We should try to remember this in different situations. Really like your painting and the title you gave it. The light and soft colours of the skin...wonderful!

  2. a 'spotless landscape' sounds drastically dull

    interesting idea in your work!

  3. oh, I love spiders. better than our mouse. is there a German saying about mice???

  4. @celine - thank you for the compliment on the painting.

    @Monica B - spots is what it's all about. spots and flaws make life worth living.

    @Petra - nope. no saying about mice around here, but I am sure they stand for good things too!