February 12, 2013

a very young snake, all smiles

We're still arranging things around the Fishbowl; still cleaning, pushing and sorting out, but a lot of you've asked me to show at least a little of our new vintage delights. Here we go. Almost all pieces have found a place already, but there will be a bit more of trying out, over the next days. What do you think of those finds? I have learned by now, the system is not of Danish design, it is an original GDR one, named Babette. A name, which I believe is actually very cute, when it comes to furniture. Something else I have learned today, is how hard it is do do proper interior shots. Holy Canelloni, you don't wanna know, how many it needed to get three proper ones in the end. Chapeau to all the talented people out there, doing amazing jobs in this area. From now on, I will be even more impressed.

P.S. Dear talulaah, there is a little something in the pictures, you might recognize. We're taking good care of it, until your roots have grown somewhere. xx


  1. lol, I was just about to complain :) don't worry. it looks great where it is. keep it xxo

  2. thank you for showing! love it! looks great and you really got this for free? you lucky girl;-) and compliments for the pictures...I also found out that it's almost impossible to make bautiful interior shots;/

  3. fabulous finds! the radio is exquisite.

  4. oh i love the photograph of the woman in a scarf smoking her cigarette!

    the radio!

  5. @petra -thank you so much! this wasn't the plan, but it just is too beautiful, to let it sleep unnoted, in some dark corner ;)

    @celine schroeder -yes, for free. we've almost missed it, by being totally struck with surprise.

    @monic b -thank you! the radio is, in fact, a record player too & it's the only piece not vintage.

    @sarapirqat -the photograph was a poster giveaway from a show. it's a fashion shot of laetitia casta, made by karl lagerfeld.