February 09, 2013

a different kind of valentine's

deep love
may I have more, of you
summer love
As promised, here are the new prints, I have been working on lately. A little bit of loving for you. And little bit of loving for me. I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day, to me it's looks more tempting to cherish your love any given day throughout the year, but to let the celebration pass completely unnoted, isn't my thing either. There're not going to be any roses or chocolate boxes around the Fishbowl, one hundred percent sure. It will be more, about being reminded how gifted we are, to have this special kind of person walking through life with us. Valentine's Day around here, will be more about, being a little more friendly or patient, something I am so bad at, with each other. And to smile about one or the other story, the husband and I went through over the years.

All the prints are available in my The Tiny Fisbowl Collection Shop at Society6. It is easy and comfortable to order there. And what is even better, wherever you might live and love, they'll ship all the items worldwide. If you'll order until Sunday night, shipping is even free.

So, come on and take a look at my work and browse through all those other great bits and pieces, that can be explored. There is so much talent to be found. It would be a pleasure to meet you over there.

Have a wonderful weekend and do not forget to LOVE.

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