January 31, 2013

updating happiness

Last night I was sitting with a friend, drinking red wine, and talking about one and a million things. It has been a spontaneous visit from her and as random were our topics. From love affairs, to working as self employees, up to family stuff. The more hours we've sat, maybe the more wine there was, the more serious our conversation became. And suddenly, in the middle of sharing the life stories of our stepfathers, and both stories are not the light and easy kind, suddenly she looked at me, smiled and said: "You know what I was thinking just yesterday? I sat on my bed, all alone, and it occured to me, that I am happy right now. Absolutely happy." Strangely enough, it were exactly the same sentences, that I had in the back of my mind. Though I know, moments like this won't last for very long, this is were I am at. Right now. Right here. I am absolutely happy. For no reason at all. I simply am. Sometimes we need to go deep down, facing the most painful interior, to come back and feel a bit more complete for a while. Thank you, my friend, for this. To a shiny and bright Friday.

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