January 27, 2013

queen of colors

When it comes to this week's Queen of Colors, one could have predicted the outcome. With all the snow business going on around Berlin, it only started again a couple of hours ago, white is actually not the biggest of surprises. Still, until Wednesday, I was sure the result will be totally different. Sorry Petra, you especially wished for something else, but even with only a tiny pinch of snow, it has to be white. White in many shades; from the crispy kind to a warm muted one. White like the winter skies, like my favourite tea pot and most importantly, white like the new laundry detergent, that I've been using for the last two days. Running as many machines, as I could possible fit into 24 hours. After finding out the hard way, that I am reacting highly allergic to the brand we were using so far, every single piece of fabric needed an extra washing. We're half way through, but there are still towels and  cushions waiting by tomorrow. Not the nicest point on the list, but I am happy that the evil allergy trigger is finally found and so I don't mind too much. White and washing it is.

My most favourite shade of this week's Queen of Colors though, is the innocent idea of a new week ahead. To an inspriring week and to a little less icy one.

1 comment:

  1. white, light and bright...
    much needed these days i guess.

    raining here again. i like it.
    days are slowly getting longer. trying to catch myself before falling, every moment, again and again.