January 20, 2013

queen of colors

Sorting out last year's pictures from the Fishbowl, it seems like every week had been dominated by one particular color. Sometimes it has all been about the blues and the greens, when during another week, white had been all over the place. Maybe this is the result of me being back in the studio, juggling paints all day, but I found this quite interesting. Looking deeper into it, I've decided to start a little trial for myself. From now on, every Sunday, I am going to post the Queen of Colors. Images of bits and pieces, that have been around over the seven days prior.

As you can see, the Queen of Color, has definitely been yellow lately (except from the pink in my work though!). From bright to juicy, wonderful shades of yellow. Which to me is really impressive, as at this time of the year, I thought Berlin wouldn't have too much of it. Obviously it does. Not to mention, all this yellow came as presents into the studio; Asian sweets, Mangos and wonderful salty Danish licorize. Yellow simply could not get any better than this. And I am already excited what next week will look like. To a bright one ahead, for all of you.

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  1. happy monday. may it be a week of turquoise and greys :)