January 09, 2013

on mud & memories

This day made it pretty hard to stick to it; the most awful Berlin weather, grumpiness everywhere (the Fishbowl included) and basically no natural light. Not pleasant at all. But, as there had been a long walk with the dog on the list, for days actually, I've decided to bite the dust (or maybe better the mud) and go for it. Once out there in the woods, dirty shoes, coat and hands, from throwing the ball, the nasty feeling suddenly dissapeared and changed into a pretty energized state. Sometimes it's all about getting yourself into gear. No matter what.

P.S. The family pictures are part of a little book my grandmother filled up for me. You can actually buy different sorts of them (in German), give them to your loved ones & they are invited to write down all those family stories. I promise you, there will be so much, you have never heard about.


  1. mental health walks are so important. and getting into gear. there's been no sunlight here in over a week. I start to feel it, too...

  2. @petra I actually should leave the house again. right now. but today, I am far too tired. one of my lovely neighbors decided on practicing his guitar skill until 5 a.m. once again *yawns

  3. I hope we both have a better day today;-)

  4. excellent little book of memories.
    sometimes, no, often, we need to connect to nature, away from the concrete and walls.

  5. dear annton,
    your previous post is touching the core of my heart, the inner skin of my belly...

    thank you for sharing. thank you for reminding.

    stay warm,
    the weather here is reminding of that of yours, icy to the bones, asking you to stay indoors and eat a lot. ;)

    warm embrace

  6. @sarapirat thank you sara, now it is me being touched. this means a lot to me. and yes, it has been a nasty story. but with everything bad, there is some good in it. I have learned so much of it. sometimes it seems we need extreme situations, to be reminded of all the preciousness around us. now, I will face the cold outside and go to dance a little. sending a warm embrace back.