January 12, 2013

getting back home

Still here, still making plans and still busy, organizing the year ahead. One could get lost in all those ideas, but slowly the studio is calling for me. Very loud in fact. It is about time to get dirty again and to go back to that thing, I am actually here for, to go back to making art. Holy Canneloni, how I have missed it. On the other hand, those breaks are definitely needed. Once in a while, sometimes a bit more often, it's so necessary to check where you're heading and if the language you are used to, is still the one you feel yourself mostly represented by. And for in me, I can tell you, it is. So, coming Monday, I will be back in the Fishbowl, finally reunited with those brushes, paints and canvasses . What a party to start the week off with. I can't hardly wait. For tonight, there is an art party waiting for me and beforehand, I need to get dressed properly and rush of the house. Are you always that late too? Have a good night, wherever you are and whatever you are up to, enjoy it.

1 comment:

  1. Hooray back to work! 2013 is going to be the best one yet!!!