December 30, 2012

until things are all different

Despite being Sunday, not that I care a lot, everything was all about cleaning up today and about getting stuff out of the way. For whatever reason, this seems what we humans do, before something new is just around the corner. And, when about to kick of the preparations for tomorrows Speak Easy Dinner going New Year's Eve, it feels even more appropriate. Right now, I am sitting in the studio, listening to some old jazz tunes, while the husband is already rocking the kitchen. These are the best moments of all. Surfing through my mind, writing good-wish notes, some images from this year pop up in front of me and like every year, I am suddenly reminded of a lot of situations, I had already forgotten about. Actually, it almost ashames me. Those have not been the easiest months and somewhere in the middle, they felt even quite disapointing. Looking back though, it seems there has been so much more archieved, than meets the eye at first sight. At least three big time constructions sites have been cleared, bumpy roads have been walked to their end and as already mentioned, new plans are on the merge. In this moment, this minute right here, I gotta say, it was a good one and I am all prepared for new adventures, new places and a little more dancing. I wish the same for you, before going into the kitchen and cleaning four kilograms of Brussel Sprouts. Wish me patience, please.

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  1. yes, I agree. 2012 wasn't all bad :) happy new year. have fun tonight. and have a drink for me :) speak soon xxo