December 20, 2012

the silence of the lake

When it's quiet out here
A hundred miles away
You can hear the train on the line
The whistle blows just to break the silence
I wave just to break the time
I close my eyes
I think of runnin' water
I think of runnin' away
But the fires burnt to ashes
And it's darker than before
But I can see as clear as day 

(Kasey Chambers/ lyrics of "Nullabor Song")

We've made it, out of the city, right into the emptiness of the Uckermark. After the first day with nothing but a small place, open fire, lots of hot tea and good books, my serenity seems to be back already. Everything feels calm out here, all the hustle around the Fishbowl, forgotten within an hour. Not that do not love the buzzing atmosphere we usually have in the studio, for the next couple of days, I will probably be all about silence. And loving in too. There is more wood to be thrown in the fire and another chapter to read. Have a great night out there.


  1. Wow, I remember beautifully frozen lakes around Berlin.
    So wonderful. Now at the same time I am swimming in the ocean, so different.
    I love the landscape around Berlin a lot.

  2. thank you @petra I did ;-)

    @liv sending lots of love to sydney. Berlin is like a pool right now too. all that wintery white melted away and turned into a million lakes on the street ;-) merry christmas to you and to dave!