December 22, 2012

some pages turned & not

Day three, out in the nowhere. We haven't moved a lot, despite from a few walks through empty fields. We've slept more, talked about a lot of stuff and went back to some more hours of sleep. This morning, we woke up to snow and to a little nervousness. It is weird to understand, how much we seem to have lost the ability for not moving forward. To simple being. Especially myself, who would always have called herself, the chilled out type. I am not. Obviously, I am not as relaxed, as I made myself believe. This morning, I was very close to make my return to the big city lights, a day earlier than planned. I did not. A little snowball action and two hours out in the freezing air helped, to calm down my restless mind eventually. And now, the fire is burning again, we had a steaming Grog and we are back into our books. Another night before actually going back to the Fishbowl lies ahead. Another night, trying to get another step closer to myself again. See you on the road by tomorrow.


  1. haha, I know how you feel... want to do someting right? after two days my nerves kick normally in. but enjoy your evening and good for you that you stayed there! and the pictures are just beautiful!

  2. I totally understand. I get restless, too. just try to imagine you didn't have your computer with you and couldn't go online. wouldn't that be restful :)

  3. @celine and @petra I am so proud, I did manage that nervousness in the end. at least for one more day. maybe it is simply human to be on the run, maybe we all need to exercise slowmotion a lot ;-)