December 24, 2012

on how to put a tent in a box & christmas wishes

We have returned from the wilderness. Back to the Fishbowl. And we have spent last night, probably like most of you did; present wrapping, welcoming some last minute guests and, of course, a bit of heartwarming food. Holy Canneloni, don't you just love pickled onions. Maybe not. What I did find out though, within the last hours, the best part of a Pre-Christmas-Break is the little time you have to prepare things. Meaning, you'll concentrate on the most important stuff and leave out the nervwrecking rest. So, now that we're close to leaving the house again, to spend Christmas Eve at a cosy family gathering, all is done and nobody is actually stressed out. Everything was extremely easy going. Well, maybe except from the part, of trying to get a big present into a proper box, to ship it to an island. And meanwhile trying to explain to your dog, that this box is not for her. I kind of believe she totally got what we were saying and decided to simply ingnore us. We decided, to not mind.

Merry Christmas from the Fishbowl to all 
my lovely readers & friends!
You're a gift already.
Have a wonderful & chilled out time,
wherever you are.

Lots of Love from Berlin 


  1. you are a gift already...
    you are!
    love and hugs
    chill out,

  2. I wish you all the same things and haha, you made me laugh with that story about your dog;-)))) And thank you for sharing such beautiful, funny and sometimes sad stories this year. Have a lovely evening.