December 06, 2012

early morning geometry

I am, at least, two frames of mind today. One started a bit of dancing early morning, when I got up, finding the city covered in white. And next, there was this little, sweet chocolate guy waiting in the Fishbowl, smiling at me from my workdesk. The other frame of mind, being a head almost exloding with ideas and energy. Suddenly projects and connections pop up like mushrooms in Fall. Thoughts running so fast, my hands feel like they've fallen under a little slow motion spell. And don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing. There is no rush or the slightest hint for stress. Not at all. This is more about being like some kind of bubble floating in the middle of a wide and steady river. In my case, a little less esoteric than it probably sounds, but still very delightful. Happy St' Nicholas Day to all of you.


  1. happy st. nicholas day to you, too xo

  2. I love snow and just in time for St. Nicholas;-)
    In my head happens the same but for me it means stress because I want to do it all at the same time and it just takes so long!!! I have no patience but I'm working on it.... but it's a great feeling: new ideas!

  3. no snow here in Aegina, Greece but the church bells rung most of the day for St. Nicholas Day - same saint for the sea men so a parade too!!!Decorating my Christmas Cake today and a friends choco. man..

  4. i am in a similar place - sans snow and chocolate, unfortunately. lol
    but a mind racing with enthusiastic creativity. importantly, it's all getting channelled into a project.

    enjoy the snow.

  5. some kind of bubble...
    i love that sentence. often feel the same!
    goodmorning snowy berlin!
    say, where in berlin do you live?

    and about lili, wonder and worry a bit too, did some asking around but have not heard anything.

    love and hugs

  6. Wow, such an early Winter for you! Look at all the snow. Hope you are nice and cozy.
    and happy Nicolaus Tag! ;)