December 14, 2012

debate dishes

Have the smart woman behind the Indivisualism Blog as your guest, add some design projects, late nights and friends popping in for dinner, five days in a row, and you'll get exactly, what we currently have at the Fishbowl. I have barely slept this week, didn't see a lot of daylight and discussed so many things, it feels like my head is loaded with inspiration. Of course this cannot go on forever, but right now, being in the middle of some kind of Bohemian Collective, is just perfect. For tonight there is my blog design to finish and a delicious Potato Soup to heat up. Maybe a few more glasses of Red will be in too (Come on, it is cold outside!). To a cosy and heart warming weekend.


  1. but it sounds just wonderful! I'm sure the lack of sleep doesn't bother at all in this situation, wish you a nice evening and weekend!

  2. ah, you make me ache for that face-to-face brain-smashing/creative dialogue. sigh

  3. we have to do that again soon... soon-ish... I guess we all need a bit of rest and maybe some detoxing :)thanks for a wonderful time :) xxo