November 30, 2012

on riding a calm thing

A feeling to which I return to quite often, is getting lost within the speed of day-to-day life. And by speed, I mean fast hours, as much as incredible slow ones. This feeling basically sums up this week. Nothing else. A week filled with small parts of uneventful occurences and with some glorious routines. A deer came by and added a little glitter, so did the rollercoaster ride called creative brainstorming. Right now, there is the idea of snow bashfully coming down on this city. And me, spending a few more hours at my desk, somewhere between updating and remembering what could be so precious by tomorrow. "In between" can be delightful, that is my latest finding.


  1. 'in between' is a strange place. can be all things, no thing. glad it's good for you right now.

    tony bennett!? :)

  2. @Monica yes, it can be all sorts of things. and of course, it as changed today already. but the feeling it has when it is good, that is something I will return to by now. as often as possible ;) and tony bennett. oh YES!

    @Petra a deer on a postcard, that came with a wonderful present by a good friend.