November 08, 2012

"more empty needed"

Some days need to be much slower than others. Today, in fact, there was a lot of nothing needed. It is nasty outside, with rain and the first snow grains of the year. I am sitting at my desk in the Fishbowl, all scarved up, and the most exciting thing has been a wonderful tasty cinnamon roll. Fresh from the oven. The rest, kind of silence. Yesterday though, there were lovely visitors around. The woman behind the very inspiring Indivisualism Blog came around with a friend and we had a wonderful time chatting hours away. She will probably kill me for that, but Holy Canneloni, that woman is smart. On top, she also left with some beautiful pictures from the Fishbowl, if you like to have a closer look. For now, it is me moving over to the couch, with a cup of tea and a good book. Simple days can be so delicious.


  1. yup, going to kill you :) watch out for saturday!!!

  2. oooh simple days can be the best ones, if you just let them happen and don't think about all the things you could do instead (that's mostly my problem) I'm jalous of your day! thank you for that beautiful link, loved the pictures!

  3. @petra I'm seriously scared ;-)

    @céline this time I was so tired, the thoughts about things to do, simply stopped. wishing you wonderful & relaxed weekend!

  4. A LOT OF NOTHING NEEDED! i love it so clever.
    A lot of nothing needed over here too to be honest.
    While we planned on having a little vacation when getting here, we hit the ground running and are doing way too much. Ah well!
    Get some rest Lady!